about us

since 1987

How it all started!

Back in 1987, when Naomi made aliya, the last thing she had in mind was food.

Although highly trained in the field, both from the culinary and management perspectives, she could not see a demand for a high end catering operation. But while learning the language, the smells emanating from her kitchenette in the absorption center brought enquiries from her neighbors, other new olim.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

From those humble super-idealistic beginnings, through the kitchens of her first two homes, a small industrial kitchen and now a larger industrial kitchen, Naomi has developed a business whose reputation has spread across five continents. Her addiction to excellence means that, 20+ years later, she works as many as 16 hours per day, 7 days per week .... and still loves every minute. That love, she explains, is the client's guarantee of a perfect production! every event, every take out order made whether for a small intimate Shabbat, your Passover or Tishrei chagim, Family gatherings, or a self catered event that just the food is supplied must be perfect!!!.

Her commitment has been inherited by eldest son, Ze'ev, who, after 5 years in the Hesder program and another 4 studying Business Management in Jerusalem, decided that the family business was the best place to grow. He is now joint CEO with Naomi.

love, Passion, Tastes

Our vision

Naomis 9 Rules

  1. 1. Hire the personnel you can
  2. 2. Pay them what they want
  3. 3. Use the best produce available
  4. 4. Fresh, fresh & fresh (& frozen if needed)
  5. 5. Only take on work you can cope with
  6. 6. Excel, don't compete
  7. 7. Charge the right price for the service
  8. 8. No cutting corners
  9. 9. Every week has 7 days - use them!

Only according to these rules do we conduct business!!


clients write!!

Best food in israel!!

Sarah D.

the location you recommended was to die for, from there it just got better, the level of detail that went into each, Pass around and plated course was just art.

roni NY

we couldn't ask for more, Naomi it was just a dream come true

M Klein 12.10.15 UK